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Our versatility to boost your effectiveness

Since the industrial and commercial property sector has many different dimensions that are both vital and promising for the development of specific projects, ANDINE Groupe has had its teams apply their skills over many years, focused on three areas of expertise:

Safety and the Environment, managed by the design office and operations department that possess expertise in French regulations (environmental, labour, and urban planning codes)

Development and Construction through various missions concerning general contracting, project management, delegated project management assistance as well as regulatory and technical feasibility

Property through property management activities

This cross-sectoral blend of expertise and know-how reflects our daily commitment. As global property experts, our dynamic and committed teams assist you throughout the creation and development of your project for logistics warehouses, office space or commercial premises. It’s through this 360° offer, which adapts to each of your needs, that our passionate team places its full efforts each day into ensuring a single ambition: yours.