Our Group

Our values

Values benefiting your industrial and commercial property projects

They form the basis for our company and are shared by the men and women who apply them every day. Creating the foundation of our group and its service commitment, our values run through all of the projects that we manage with you and for you.

Close connection

To understand you and your needs, we need to know you. That's why close connections are one of our values' pillars. We develop strong relationships with each of our customers, partners and employees to create unique, long-lasting and beneficial partnerships that helps drive your success.


A business property project stands out as a major step in a company's development. Proactive and adapted solutions, deadline compliance and risk management are the essential elements needed to successfully achieve the different development phases. That is why our teams strive every day to rely quickly to your questions with relevant answers.


Our up-to-date knowledge of the regulations for environmentally protected facilities, our practical answers adapted to environmental standards and protection and our ability to carry out diagnostic assessments, restorations or management of your property require our teams' expertise and ongoing commitment.