Our Group

Our history

Working to develop industrial and commercial property sector

Since its creation, ANDINE Groupe has continued to develop along with the different regulatory changes. Drawing strength from all of its employees, customers, partners and braced by the commitment, passion of its management team, the close-knit company specialised in environmentally classified facilities and regulations has now structured itself around three areas of expertise.

Our growth, bolstered by the executive board’s expertise and good judgement, has helped bring to life large-scale industrial building development projects.

Key milestones


With the challenges connected to the safety and environmental protection of industrial buildings being the core component of his profession, André-Marie FREMY creates AMF Qualité Sécurité Environnement (AMF Q.S.E.). He reinforces his expertise by applying the new environmentally protected facilities regulations (ICPE) to industrial property management.

The company ANDINE Promotion Construction (A.P.C.) is created. As a general contractor, project manager and building engineering specialist, A.P.C. responds to the needs of the logistics market by working to renovate warehouses that had become obsolete under ICPE regulations.



The company AMF Qualité Sécurité Environnement launches the portage of the ICPE Administrative Title and the Assistance to the Follow-up of the Compliance, carries out technical and acquisition audits on behalf of investors and users that it accompanies in their turnkey projects.

Third aspect of its global expertise: creation of W2F IMMO, specialised in property asset management.



All of the subsidiaries unite into one, single organisation through the creation of ANDINE Groupe, which guarantees the preservation and development of property assets through sustainable development initiatives.

Relying on its continued development, ANDINE Groupe forms plans to move forward by expanding into the north of France and the Lyon region.