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Property assets enhanced throughout France

The ANDINE Groupe’s teams can assist you in the development of all types of industrial and commercial property, regardless of your location. Its staff will guide you throughout your project, in liaison with the competent authorities in your area.

Realisation 1

ICPE Compliance

Realisation 2

Construction of a building

Realisation 3

Roof replacement in operation

Realisation 4

ICPE Compliance and work to improve a Logistic Site

Realisation 5

Division of a Prefectural Decree

Realisation 6

Modification of Electrical Installations

Property assets enhanced throughout France

We understand that you have many requirements in launching and carrying out your project: regulations and ICPE classification, environmental audits, delegated project management, rental management, due diligence, etc.

Therefore, for years, we have set our sights on developing our knowledge and expertise so we can understand and manage the complexity of a constantly changing/evolving sector. This rigour and investment in addition to putting them at your disposal, have help us to develop the trust of the different administrations we work with.

 “This completed project file is the result of your work and ability to communicate with the owner to explain the situation and have additional, unscheduled work approved. Other companies would have shirked these duties while you continually faced the challenges. For me, it is important to acknowledge it and have others recognise it.

DREAL Centre-Val de Loire