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Sur chacun de ses métiers, Sécurité Environnement, Promotion Construction et Immobilier, Andine a rassemblé une équipe de collaborateurs talentueux et experts dans leurs domaines.

Paru dans Informations Entreprise N° 177 Janvier/ Février/

Mars 2021

ANDINE Groupe unveils TISS new management tool created (and dedicated) specifically for safety and prevention operational systemsé.

In order to provide concrete answers to its customers in the face of post-Lubrizol regulatory changes, ANDINE Groupe has developed a management tool for the fire safety of ICPE classified installations and listed establishments.

Baptized T.I.S.S. (Emergency and Safety Information Terminal), this software package ensures real-time risk management by monitoring the state of stocks, controlling the maintenance of PDIs (Fire Defense Plans), POIs (Fire Defense Plans) ‘Internal Operations) as well as the monitoring of security exercises.

Complete traceability solution, audited by the DGSI (General Directorate of Internal Security), T.I.S.S. therefore acts on data processing, operational and practical aspects related to security while ensuring the management of site maintenance.

A solution at the service of the group’s business expertise, which is based on a global offer from its Safety Environment Division.