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Paru dans Informations Entreprise N° 177 Janvier/ Février/

Mars 2021

SAFEONE, a unique digital solution for security

In order to provide concrete answers to its customers in the face of post-Lubrizol regulatory changes, ANDINE Groupe has developed a management tool for the fire safety of ICPE classified installations and listed establishments.In order to support its clients in the implementation of demanding and evolving ICPE regulations, ANDINE Groupe is mobilizing around the development of a digital tool dedicated to the safety and environmental protection of real estate assets, called SafeOne.

From the Seveso disaster to the Lubrizol and Normandie Logistique fires, the regulations governing Classified Facilities have been tightened year after year to ensure the safety and environmental protection of industrial and logistics real estate. Created to meet these requirements, the SafeOne tool ensures the management of assets in the day-to-day operation of facilities, organization, prevention or fire defense plans, as well as the instantaneous management of inventories in line with the Prefectural Orders. Monitored by the DGSI (Direction Générale de la Sécurité Intérieure), the solution also relies on AI (Artificial Intelligence) to detect abnormal situations and trigger an alert, without alarms or sensors.

Interfaced, customizable, collaborative and digital, SafeOne is a unique solution on the market, guaranteeing compliance with regulatory obligations as well as the technical and organizational management of one or more assets. Through SafeOne and as an expert in administrative support for logistics warehouses, advice on ICPE regulations and asset management, ANDINE Groupe offers 360° support to all its clients.

To view the SafeOne brochure, click here